Keith Swenson

Technology Evangelist, Director of Software Engineering

San Jose, California


Love helping exceptional software engineering departments to release reliable high quality enterprise software. Want to mentor and inspire architects and developers to achieve their best on the leading edge of technical possibilities. Very experienced in managing teams to develop enterprise software including roles as programmer, development director, chief architect, vice president, and evangelist. Experience includes the areas of software architecture, agile, coding, research and thought leadership.

Received certification in Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF) at the foundation level (Spring 2022)

My blog on agile software development:

I play role as technical evangelist. I have been involved in defining the field of Adaptive Case Management. This is information technology support for knowledge workers who figure out what to do while they do it! I have written two books on this topic: "Mastering the Unpredictable"​ and "When Thinking Matters in the Workplace"​ which is designed to help managers and leaders understand how to use case management technology to their benefit.

My blog supporting knowledge workers:

In 2009 I started the Cloud BPM offering from Fujitsu, an early Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) BPM platform, based on the earlier J2EE three tier architecture SOA BPM offering developed between 2002 and 2009.

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Strategic Advisor

San Jose, California
  • 2019: Supervised development of React Native mobile app, on AWS, with Firebase backend for a consumer friendly moving and shipping aggregator. ( )

Circle Weaver

Founder & CTO

San Jose, California
  • 2021: Restructured Circle Weaver application to use No-SQL database Mongo.
  • 2019: Restructured Circle Weaver application as microservices to make use of Docker / CRI-O containers and Kubernetes orchestration as well adopting a CI/CD release model.
  • 2015: Launched Circle Weaver ( ) as cloud based collaboration system for self-managed teams aimed at co-ops and community groups. Java, JSON, Angular.

Fujitsu Americas

Technology Evangelist

Sunnyvale, California
  • 2022: Advised TimkenSteel on formation of their Enterprise Architecture capability. (TOGAF, Confluence)
  • 2020: Released three open source initiatives to use Gradle and Maven dependency libraries:
    • SSOFI (an identity server)
    • PostHoc (an email testing platform)
    • Purple (a library of utility functions).
  • 2017: Standards: Started DMN-TCK working group to make a standard test suite for Decision Modeling Notation to achieve better vendor compliance and interoperability (XML, Java, JavaScript, GitHub, Jenkins)
  • 2016: Set up a Digital Transform Center of Excellence at Canadian ministry.
  • 2016-2019: Directed a team of 10 developers to create and deploy new Digital Transformation Platform product to Canadian Ministry using Angular, Elastic Search, Drools, Kibana, JSON/Rest API, Oracle Cloud.

Fujitsu Computer Products

Vice President of Research & Development

Sunnyvale, California
  • Provisioned and operated cloud-based SaaS BPM for New Jersey based legal firm and led server administration team for all DevOps with 7/24 response (50% America, 50% India)
  • Recognized as top influencer in the field of Case Management after 2010 book "Mastering the Unpredictable" defined the term "Adaptive Case Management."
  • Developed and launched Xwand Cloud - an AWS cloud based financial information processing tool supporting XBRL financial reporting format.
  • Founded the International Workshop on Case Management, held seven different years.
  • Created and launched Cloud BPM - a fully multi-tenant web-based PaaS environment for design and then execution of business processes. Java, J2EE, JavaScript, XML, AWS
  • Brought new Process Mining product to market. Cooperated in development of the International Process Mining Manifesto. (Machine learning, AI, Analytics)

Fujitsu Software, Inc,

Director of Engineering

Sunnyvale, California
  • 900% growth of software prouct revenue in 6 years
  • Built a mature software development team that took pride in making every release on time. Retained entire team through 13 different on-time releases.
  • Technical leadership of enterprise-scale BPM platform, managed the development, QA, and support teams. (Agile, Jira, Confluence)
  • Re-architected Java/J2EE high-availability version of Interstage BPM to realize a 20x increase in performance on a symmetric cluster architecture. Became the standard at several large banks and embedded in ERP products Infor, Baan, Interwoven, OpenPages. (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic)


Director of Engineering

Mountain View, California
  • Made a product called "Accelerate" to coordinate work of marketing professionals, distributed across laptop computers, and synchronized centrally. Brilliantly conceived and executed, but timing with crash was unfortunate.


Collaboration Software Architect

Mountain View, California
  • Created "Visual JavaScript"​ an integrated development environment for server-side and browser-side JavaScript.
  • Created workflow process engine in server-side JavaScript later acquired by Sun Microsystems.

Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions

Director of Engineering

San Jose, California
  • Hired in 1991 to start a team for "groupware"​. Developing the first workflow engine that allowed run-time changes to the processes through a visual graphical process model. Launched in 1994 as "TeamWARE Flow"

Ashton Tate

Project Manager

San Jose, California
  • Framework was a very successful product that allowed office workers to combine spreadsheets, databases, word process, and graphics, into a single compound document. It has an early windowing system (called frames) before Microsoft had come out with Windows.

Software Products International

Chief Architect

  • Software Product International was an early PC startup which produced several notable products: Open Access, Logiquest, Logicalc, and Access 4. These were early PC DOS office productivity suites. Founded in San Diego, also two years in Munich Germany, as European Technical Director.


Harvard Business School

Professional Education

  • Leading Product Development in Internet Time. This was an intensive one week executive education course.

University of California, San Diego


  • Masters Degree in Computer Science

University of California, Berkeley


  • Graduate Studies in Physics Department (incomplete)
  • Teaching Assistant for the largest Freshman Physics course

University of California, San Diego


  • Masters Degree in Physics
  • Taught computer science in possibly the first micro-computer lab in the world -- the place where UCSD Pascal was produced

Volunteer Experience

Santa Teresa Music and Arts Association


  • This is the booster organization that supports the high school music program.
  • Five years including 2 years as president.

Workflow Management Coalition


  • I have been associated with WfMC since 1994 playing roles of: standards project team leader, technical committee chairman, coalition chairman
  • In all of these positions I work to increase the technical standards that drive the business process management field. My company does support this activity and sometimes pays for my travel to attend, so it is not entirely volunteer, however I don't get paid for the work here.
  • Awarded the Mannheim Award for outstanding Leadership in the Field of Workflow


South Bay Philosophy & Critical Thinking


  • This is a monthly MeetUp group that I run to explore the problems with critical thinking, and to discuss weighty topics in order to gain an appreciation of how we can encourage the public discussion of more weighty topics.

High Sierra / John Muir Trail

Hiker, Photographer

  • I have been hiking different segments of the John Muir Trail, about 95 miles so far, the last stretch through the Evolution Valley and over Muir Pass.